As human beings, we are born into this world with an innate desire to connect with others. Relationships are vital to our existence in this world. And yet, the way that we view or experience others is largely based upon earlier relationships that we have had in our lives. Unfortunately, these relationships are often not as healthy as they could have been and we are then left to repeat patterns that we learned when we were younger. Many of the issues and stressors that we experience cannot be resolved without also looking at the larger context of our lives. A significant component of this larger context includes the relationships that we have with others, or for some, the lack of relationships with others.

I take a client-centered and interpersonal approach to my practice with individuals. I firmly believe that you are the expert of your own life and of your own experiences. I would never claim to know more about what it feels like to be you. Self-determination is a core principle in my work with others. What this means is that I believe that you have the right to have complete power over your life. It also means that you have the right to make choices regarding which direction you want your life to take and to make your own informed decisions, from the support of those who you choose to seek help from.

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